Zulu Global directly, and in association with partner companies,
offers vast maintenance capability across all ATA chapters,
aircraft, and engine platforms.
Capabilities include, but are not limited to, instruments, radio, accessories, and structural components.

Repair Services for metal and composite parts

Zulu Global provides repair services for metal and composite parts such as ducts, plenums, and mufflers, as well as for aircraft ozone converters and fuel tank inerting components. We have a manufacturing division that can make custom manufacture three-dimensional sheet metal aircraft parts. As a build-to-print aviation parts manufacturer, our short-run drop-hammer formed sheet metal and custom-manufactured ductwork.

In-flight entertainment and connectivity, cabin and galley equipment

Our solutions allow you to save your plastics, composite, and leather interior parts through repair approvals, giving you the choice of recycling for a fraction of the cost of new parts.



We are the perfect partner for the Repair and Overhaul of structure sheet metal and composite aircraft components ranging from panels, winglets, “sharklets” wing-tip, flight controls, nacelles, and nacelle components: Blocker Doors, Exhaust Nozzles, Fan Cowl, Translating Sleeves, etc.


Cabin Interiors

Zulu Global is your partner for complete cabin interiors: Creative Total Cabin Solutions. Plastics, Composite, Fabric, Leather, etc. repair capabilities.

Don’t scrap your plastics, composite, and leather interior parts; we have special repair approvals to make your scrap new and reusable again, for a fraction of the cost of new.

We are specialist and partners in:


A new rapid repair system which accommodates any type of repair for plastic & composite components in the cabin including upholstery, seats, tray tables, and wall/ceiling panels

✔ Th.e Rapid Repair process is ultra-strong long, lasting, with the fastest cure time in the industry.  Our composite repair resin will cure in just 15 minutes for simple repairs or 60 minutes for more complex repairs

✔ F.AA/ESA approved

✔ Fully compliant with REACH and MSDS requirements, approved for Burn, Flammability, Tensile, Smoke & Toxicity tests and helps reduce plastics in landfills

✔ Aisle Shrouds

Seat back Shrouds

Monitor Shrouds

Toilet Shrouds

Toilet Panels

Wall Panels

Footrest Covers

Handrail Sections

Arm Caps

Overhead Bins


Component Repair and Overhaul

Zulu Global and Associate Partners has been offering a vast range of capabilities for OEM’s and the aviation industry worldwide. We offer a wide array of services for the aviation industry.

Zulu Global has an extensive history of working closely with our customers to help ensure that they are able to meet their most critical project needs. As an FAA 145  and EASA Part 145 certified company, our main objective is to provide quality products while maintaining a cost effective program. Let one of our highly trained sales representatives to help you.