At Zulu Parts, we are committed to providing the platform and tools for Members to become more efficient as they navigate ways to improve their supply chain management. Zulu Parts lowers costs by directly offering products and services through an innovative procurement process, which also facilitates greater efficiency of our Clients’ internal teams.

Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA)

PMA is a combined design and production approval for modification and replacement articles. It allows a manufacturer to produce and sell these articles for installation on type certificated products. Federal Aviation Administration Orders 8110.42 and 8120.22 prescribe the approval procedures for FAA personnel and guides applicants in the approval process. For more information, you can access this link:  FAA PMA

What we offer you:

✔ Implement Alternate Sourcing Program tailored to your needs 

✔ Help you identify high cost drivers for potential FAA PMA Development

✔ Help you reach  your cost savings goals

✔ Work with your internal team on the development process for each part

✔ Zulu Global and it’s partner PMA companies have a rigorous and robust PMA/DER development process that you can trust and rely on 

✔ Together with our partner manufacturing supplier, we take full responsibility for every product we sell

✔ Provide On-site Technical and Commercial Support 

Designated Engineering Representative (DER)

Engineering and Flight Test designees are responsible for finding that engineering data complies with the appropriate airworthiness standards. These designees are called Designated Engineering Representatives, or DERs.

A DER is an individual appointed under 14 CFR section 183.29, who holds an engineering degree or equivalent, possesses technical knowledge and experience, and meets the qualification requirements of Order 8100.8.

DER Technical Disciplines:

  • Acoustical Engineering
  • Engine Engineering
  • Flight Analysis
  • Flight Test Pilot
  • Power Plant Engineering
  • Propeller Engineering
  • Radio Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Systems and Equipment Engineering